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Default Ported or Non Ported Bass Reso?

I am not planning on doing any recording or miking of my drums. They will only be played in my house only. So is there any benefit of having a ported or non ported bass reso. It will be on a Saturn drum kit. I prefer a deeper, punchier sound. I am just getting back into drums again after a few year hiatus. Traded in couple guitars and a Marshall stack to get these new Saturn IV's and a Black Panther Phat Bob. I know everyone says just keep buying ones that you like but I really don't want to have 10 heads laying around that I won't use. I always liked the Aquarian SKII bass batter on my previous drum kits and never changed the reso from the manufacturer. In all honesty I love Mapex drums, especially the Saturns but the new one square acre logo on the bass reso is just too much. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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