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Default Re: [CYMBALS REVIEW] Zultan CS series B25 Complet Set

Originally Posted by MangueBeat View Post
The problem is you won't find them in stores to try on. All cymbals sound different and I can't really imagine Zultan having higher consistency. They sound ok (great for the price!), but, to my ears, no comparison to my Avedis!
Hehe. Taste is always hard to discuss :-)

Personally everytime I tryout a new Avedis/K/KC batch at the local (large) drumstore, about 90-95% sound like s***.. Sorry for the swearing

Zultans in my experience have about 60-70% s*** cymbals..

Yeah you wont find them in your store.. But whrn you buy from Thomann you can return them for free(they pay the shipping) if you dont like them.. Done that more than once..
So for me there is no downside..

But again.. Everyone has their own taste in cymbals and thats the cool thing about cymbals :-)
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