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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
I just think you kids are hyping him more relentlessly than there is any factual basis for.
i agree with that come onto here that idolize bonham and worship him as god have not seen any critizism towards him ever before (this probably being the first time) Theduke said a while back that these "worshippers" see that not 100% thinking upon bonham as a god is wrong. You can compare bonham to the beatles. Beatles were probably the biggest band (as is bonham one of the biggest drummers in rock)....the beatles werent nearly the most technical band at all (just like there are many many more drummers more technical and that have more chops than bonham) but both in their own respect have opened new doors for later musicians that have taken inspiration from them and created new heights in the music business. Yes im a bonham fan. But to utterly (i think wayy misspelled) put him up on a pedalstule (also misspelled) and worship him as a100% god material is just hurting yourself in drumming and here in the forum.
And in no way is theduke and finnhiggins "trolling". Not at all. Just because they critize bonham and look at bonham asless of a god rather than a 100% god (as theduke said before) doesnt mean theyre trolling. If we all came to this forum praising bonham for being a god this wouldnt be a "discussion forum" (as it says on the drummerworld banner) would more like be a admiring forum for a drummer that is great but alot of his skill level has been surpassed. but dont get me wrong....he will always be the grandfather of rock drumming because he opened so many new doors for rock drummers but dont come on here saying theduke and figghiggins are trolling because they are giving bonham critizism. Thats just rediculious
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