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Default Re: Mounted tambourine/cowbell placement and why?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I keep my tamb and cowbell on the same rod off a stand that's near my hi hat. There's not a marimba in sight, I guess I'm not a virtuoso like SOME people...:P

Plus I have a larger bell on my bass drum hoop. Need my bells and tamb.

Chicks love cowbells, I've been told numerous times by women that they love it when I use the bell. Just last weekend a couple of 20 somethings were almost demanding it. Talking about my cowbell.
Yes of course. Talking about your co-... Nevermind.

My tambourine is mounted to my hihat stand, and it sits to the left and below my hats. I like this positioning, since it allows me to play it in the same way I would my hats, and it just feels right to me. No cowbell. I hate the cowbell. I will never add a cowbell to my kit. In fact, it has even become a joke among my friends - they tell me if I'm ever a dick to them, they'll buy a cowbell, and mount it on my kit when I'm not home. Sure as hell keeps me in line...
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