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Default Re: picked up the Brooklyn Bop kit this morning

Gorgeous drums! I'm ordering myself a set any day to replace my Catalina Club's. I'll be going for the 18x14 undrilled though. Further down the line may add an optional 10x7" tom too. Had a big toss up between this Satin Mahogany finish or the Cream Oyster which is also incredible looking! Swayed slightly towards the mahogany though on the grounds that it won't only be used for jazz though. Mostly, but not exclusively. Thought if I use it as a smaller kit for something more like some acoustic pop, the grain finish wouldn't look out of place in that way. I'll always drool over the Cream Oyster though! Like you, I also have a New Classic - mine is in Vintage Glass. Adore that kit, have it tuned more traditionally, just to sound like a drum should, then the Brooklyn's will be more jazz. Very excited for their arrival!
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