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Default Re: Regal Tip Quantum 7000!

A friend of mine uses the 9000 with the nylon tip. Those are pretty huge too.
I guess "USED" will be the word, because they aren't listed anymore either.
He'll be bummed.

I used to play the Quantum 3000 with either nylon or wood tips. Turned around, the nylon 3000 are nicely balanced, and produce a lot of sound without much effort. The nylon tip at the end balances out the butt end when they are turned around. Nice for spinning them.
Nylon tip's gave a hefty sound, and were OK balance-wise, but a little top heavy. They felt better to me turned around.

Looks like they discontinued the 3B too, which was the shorter, lacquered version of the AVH stick.
I used those turned around for a while too, and Regal even cut them to 16" a couple times for me, but they stopped offering anything not standard years ago.

I wanted a real solid sound, and was tired of playing bigger sticks (for a bigger tip sound), so went with a normal diam, and turned them around.
I've used double butt sticks almost exclusively for about 4-5 years now (I never went for the "ting ting ting" sound on the ride).
I got custom sticks made (then got an endorsement with the company).

My sticks are mainly .580 and 15", with a couple other slightly smaller diams.
Between the couple different diams, I have a crap load of them, so I'm not going to have to worry about buying sticks for years.
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