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Default Re: Vic Firth Signature Sticks - Weird break

Originally Posted by StickIt View Post
I've been playing some VF sigs recently...tried the Gadds, and love the Weckls, and have had no issues with them at all. I would say it was a defective stick, try to contact 'em, and see how they handle it. I mean, you paid for it. If you decide to go that route, let us know what you thought of their service...
I will, going to send them an email this afternoon

Originally Posted by brady View Post
No issues here.

I primarily use the Peter Erskine Big Band stick and the only issue I've had so far is that one of the tips chipped after about a month's use. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Thanks for the reply Brady, never had this happen before either................guess I've been lucky over the years

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I have had several sticks from different manufacturers break like that before, the most recent being a VF Aaron Spears yesterday. It happens when the grain in the rimshot region of the stick is not parallel to the shaft, but is diagonal; if you have the stick turned against the grain, it can just snap in twain like that.

Check your sticks for vertical grain if the opportunity presents and it will prevent this from happening (usually).

Thanks for the reply alpharott, funny thing was, I was playing pretty lightly on the hats when it happened. We played "China Grove" right before it and may have broke it then and it fell apart in the next song.

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
These are two of my favorite sticks, along with the Evolutions. I never broke one, but the shoulders do take a beating, lol.

I would also say that the OP just got a bad stick.

Thanks Dennis..............I've played these sticks for around a year and it's the first "break" I've had.............the others just wore down.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
All sticks, all companies will have the inevitable flaw. Not to worry.
Thanks Gruntersdad.......I have four new pair in my stick bag..........hopefully they don't have the same issue, since I bought them at the same time.

Originally Posted by Sparkboss View Post
Gruntersdad is such an endless node of wisdom just waiting to be mined.

And correct wisdom at that!

very odd break though, surely just an oopsie
Thanks sparkboss...............yep, hoping it was just an anomaly
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