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Originally Posted by oddtime74 View Post
New? WTH happened to it? The throw off, lugs and even the hoops look horrible.
That's what happens when you take a drum out of an air-conditioned environment into the humidity outside to take a quick photo of it... ;)

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
Looks like the chrome is all smudgy and needs cleaned is all. That cherry wood looks awesome. Ugh on waiting for the special order again. The wrong size? How hard is it to get the size right?!? Hopefully they put a rush on it.
It's fog from the humidity outside.
I had started out wanting an 8x14 steel Performance, but then changed to a 7x14 cherry. Many emails back & forth probably got confusing. I had a 3 month wait on this. I'm told the 7x14 will only be a few weeks.

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