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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

For anyone in the UK wondering about the Nicko replica kits they, as you might expect, are on the pricey side.

I enquired last year and it was just shy of 10,000, which ties in with what Nicko said at a drum clinic, 'See this snare, cost you 10,000 and you get all the other drums thrown in for free!'. The price includes the shell pack (all maple with low mass lugs and super hoops, remo heads), the tom & snare stands (but not the cymbal stands or pedals) and obviously not the cymbals. Turn around time was about 3 months.

If you want a smaller version unfortunately they don't do this, it's the full 11 piece shell pack or nothing I'm afraid.

Not wanting a second mortgage I declined to take up the 'offer!'

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