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Default Re: Europe travel question

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm in trouble now. My head's spinning. Love to see The Parthenon but I think Greece would not be the safest place for now. There's something about ancient ruins, at least to me in a country where you only ever see them in 2D. Love to see the pyramids too but not so much as to deal with Egypt.

Maybe split the 3 weeks into 4 places x 5 days. Not that I need any additional stimulation, Andy (despite Larry's urgings to do pelvic floor exercises). Heck, I get excited just looking at cloud formations from a plane or during takeoff and touchdown so I'm easily pleased. I doubt I'd have problems staying for a week in places but it would be good to fit one more place in.

Which one ... hmmm.
I wasn't really suggesting Greece. It was just a comment about Western Civilization. I've only been to Moscow, so I wouldn't have any good ideas. My biggest surprise there was exploring the Russian cuisine. It was really good. I'm not suggesting you should go to Moscow either. Russia is a trip on its own and I would definitely go back there and visit some more. But not anytime soon. I still want a European "proper" vacation, and I've always wanted to see Australia (but that isn't happening anytime soon either).
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