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Default Re: My drumkits! Check them out.

That's quite alright. I'm sure the poplar version is no less in quality or sound, just difference in tone and volume possibly. Yes I have the maple version in white and whether it's the poplar or maple version, a 7 piece set with the quality of these shells, the sound and finish is a steal. I got lucky as they were discontinuing them and bought mine from Guitar Center brand new, delivered to the door for $699+ tax. I actaully really like the lug design more than the Concepts. It gives off an old skool vibe to them, like early 90's drums lol. :)
Yeah! These are really high quality shells. And yes I love that old school vibe with these big lugs. I got mine off of craigslist. Some guy bought it and never used it. Had to sell it because his wife was tired of all the drums he had in the house. I got it for 300! Dirt cheap, it still had the stickers and all. Patience is the name of the game when buying used. I just came home from practice and I just love playing the x7

That Ddrum kit is gorgeous! I love the white on white
Thanks! I love it too! Its my workhorse set. It takes any beating and still comes off spectacular with a lil wipe down. It sounds really good with some fresh heads, and that kick! BOOOM! So many drummers love the kick when I let them borrow it for shows.

You guys are making me blush. These are my pride and joy!

Keep the beat going guys!
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