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Originally Posted by StaggerLee View Post
Ive never cared for the appearance of my drums in honesty. Im fine using a jellybean of other kits if the need requires more toms and such. My bass drum is covered in scratches and dings and I could easily re finish or redo it, I just dont. It makes a fab sound, so who cares what it looks like. Its like the sonor pro-lites. I have never seen a more disgusting finish in my life but boy do they sound good.

Your last comment made the most sense, it really is down to if its the SOUND you want from your drums, you shouldn't let appearance lock you out of a purchase when it may just be that thing someone is looking for. Imo saying no to the product of your ideal sound is stupid, at least that is what I am trying to put across.
Valid and respected points. In the end it's all what you dig. I lol'd at your Sonor comment cause if you meant the tribal finish, I too do not find the "tribal" finish that catchy. IMO it doesn't even look tribal. Though the rest are quite nice imo. I really like the cream white and especially the silver sparkle. That set just screams pro to me. Though this one really caught my eye...

EDIT: Although may not be a Pro Lite from the looks of the bass drum reso. Still though I think it's very sharp.

EDIT2: Added a Pro Lite finish....

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