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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

That's a damn shame EarthRocker, hate to hear that. All too common these days. As far as the Speed Cobras being the best on the market, I have to respectfully disagree. I now know not one set of pedals are best as I too thought the SC's would be the be all end all for me. I owned the Speeds for about two weeks and just could not take to them like I thought or hoped I would. I didn't like how light everything was, I didn't like the action of the long footboard, I couldn't find the sweet spot on it and was hard to keep my foot there when I did and in the end returned them for the Iron Cobra Powerglides.

The split second of just resting my foot on the pedal for the first time gave me a smile I'll never forget. The accelerated speed and power that the beater had felt so awesome. The pedal had that normal weight feel to it with a standard size footboard to a degree ( I believe it's still longer than a true standard footboard like found on DW's, Pearls etc ) and after about 30 minutes was back playing the way I knew how and better as it had extremely smooth and fast action both stroke and rebound. Compared to the DW3000 doubles these are like going from a VW Bug with rusted wheel bearings to a race ready Ferrari.

Though with that said I believe the pedal for me would be the DW 5000 accel drive or the DW9000. I feel that the footboard of the IC is just a touch too thick and heavy. I like the feel of the DW3000 footboard but not the performance of it. Also I will say here and now the DW 3000 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over priced for what it is. Way over priced.
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