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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hi again
Just in case there are any Premier owners out there that haven't read any of my posts I just though I would butt in again to let you all know that I am still the ONLY source for deleted series parts such as Signia, original Genista, Gen X, Artist etc. I don't carry much in the way of real Vintage stuff but have plenty of contacts that do. I also have full access to any New products from the current line.
I know that in the past many of you have had bad experiences with getting stuff so that's where I come in. My main focus is giving the best Customer Service possible without leaving you in the lurch.
I do not maintain a Website for several reasons so it's just best that you contact me directly with a list of what you may be looking for. Photo's are always helpful as some people call things different than what I may do so I want to make sure you get the correct part, Orphan drum, Hardware or kit.
FYI ......... as of the 26th of this month (June) I will, however, be out of action for a couple weeks or so due to major surgery but I will still be checking my emails & responding when I can .......... Premier business never stops!!!!!
Thanks to all of you that continue to support Premier now that they are back here in the US. Please feel free to contact me.
(714) 981.5460
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