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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by gregj410 View Post
Great thread! Lots of cool kits! This is my Nicko McBrain monochrome Eddie replica kit from Iron Maiden's 'Give em Ed til I'm dead tour'.
I'd like to thank Peter at Dancincrow drums for making this happen. He has been instrumental—ha ha, in making this happen for me. He has helped me with everyone of my needs. I can say that anyone out there in cyberspace reading this, Peter is the Premier man. Great service and prices and he can get it done. I love my kit, thanks Peter!
Oh my god, you have no idea how jealous this makes me right now... fantastic kit!! That must be an absolute blast to play. Do you know if they're offering them in any other finishes? I heard there were going to be more in this series but yours is the first I've actually seen pictures of outside NAMM and other trade shows!
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