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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I was playing on an old set of DW4000's (very old) for a while, and upgraded to the Axis Longboard A's. It's true that the rebound off the bass drum isn't as much, however I've found them to be lighter to any other pedal I've played on, and you can find the sweet spot on the board to get just the right amount of rebound for the speed you're playing at. They feel just as comfortable at slow speeds as they do at fast speeds, which is a hell of a lot more than most other pedals.

On another note, after buying the Axis I went to the AUDW convention in Melbourne, Australia, and tried the Sleishmens, and subsequently went home that day and reconfigured my kit to use the 'V' set up (I only have one bass drum so it looks a bit odd on stage), and my god the different is amazing. Those pedals are absolute genius and if didn't own the Axis I'd definetly be playing those. I'm playing on a 7 peice and have one floor tom on each side, with 3 rack toms horizontally centered around the snare, and the V setup provides complete horizontal symmetry with the toms and the hats\ride (I play open left-handed so the hats sit out a bit), and it feels so much more comfortable. I geniuenly recommend either trying the Sleishmens or the V setup (especially if you have a large sized kit). Sorry for the digressing!

So after all that:
One up for both the Axis Longboard A's and for the Sleishmens.
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