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Default Re: Electronic Dilema

Originally Posted by Mizran View Post

Basically I have this problem; long story short I moved to uni and my neighbours hate noise and I need an electric kit. My budget is about $3000AUD, so I want to get something fairly decent.

What I'm planning on doing is making it mirror my acoustic kit, which is a 7 peice; (5 toms, 5 cymbals, hats snare and kick), so the dilema I face is that the only modules that support this amount of inputs from what I've found are the top of the line kits.

What I'm thinking is to buy a top-line module (I've been eyeing off the Yamaha DTX900, they go for about $1500 on eBay, which has 15 inputs), and then slowly building the kit up over time by buying the individual pads and what not.

Has anybody else done this, and is it a decent way to build up an electric kit?

The size is not an issue, I've got a large gibraltar rack I use with my acoustic kit which I was going to build the electric onto, however the other problem is I have absolutely no knowledge of what pads to buy for the toms or snare, or the cymbals or even kick pad. I've personally have had a quite big distaste for electric kits in the past, so I havn't really played them or have any experience with them.

What pads would people recommend to go with this module, bearing in mind I don't need to buy them all at once (I'm perfectly happy to start off with a 4 or 5 peice set up, and add the rest later), and where can I get them from? (I live in rural australia, so there's absolutely no decent music shops around here.)

I'm looking at mid range level of quality, as I'm more concerned about getting a decent module as opposed to top of the line pads, however obviously I don't want them to sound like absolute s**t or be terrible to play on.

Thanks very much,
Get a DTXTREME III trust me wayyyyy better then the newer DTX's and the III brain is upgradable to be exactly the same as 900 for half the price. The heads on the III are wayyyyy better then those new ones they have. Hope that helps.
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