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Originally Posted by Wormsrock
Two Words: Moby Dick. Bonham influenced many drummers throughout the ages and is a drum god, Bonham stands alone with onlythe likes of Keith Moon and Neil Peart.
the live version of moby dick is good (if far too long) but the cd version really seemed like a waste to me. the guitar riff is so good, and it seems like the drums had no structure, no rhythm and not very much feeling to it.
don't get me wrong, bonham is incredible in all zepplin songs, but i reall think that on the album, moby dick was his worst moment.
it's my style though. i prefer more musical solos, like ginger bakers toad at the (fairly) recent royal albert hall gigs, or keith carlock, or steve gadd. the solo on the videos page for moby dick is incredible, but again it's too long on the dvd and it feels repeated.
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