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Default Re: !HELP PLEASE! Question About Snare Drum Tension Rods

Hi oddtime74
It's not all doom, gloom and frustration. I have a couple of Gretsch Renown 57 kits and the 6.5x14 maple snares that came with them totally buck the detuning-while-playing trend.
Maybe its the die moulded hoops and the stiffer shell material?
They totally stay in tune. I know, I can't quite believe it either!
My ancient Premier 2005 snare from 1982 now doesn't detune since I added 16 nylon washers (like Gretsch and Ludwig, I still keep the metal washers and stick the nylon ones underneath).
Although the Ludwig 402 is hard to tune in the first place (even tension all round not an option if you want same pitch at each lug) it sounds so good I think it'll be worth the consderable expense.
What is it about the aluminium shell??
Crisp, dry, not too harsh or dingy and with a woody thwack on the rim??
It's costing me about 65 to do this upgrade!
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