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Thanks Porter!

I have done like you suggested, now there's a new thread in 'other gear'.

Since I have been working hard and long on this new product, I would like to bring it in the spotlight in a meaningful way. It's not the meaning to advertise neither, just to let know it exists. I certainly don't mean to spam, it's a one off to get the dialogue started.

> I have seen that there's another thread about drum tuning, where members have been very helpful and contributing. It is great to see how much appreciation there is from the community and how much constructive feedback has been given, with respect to each other here. Nice!
I hope to start a dialog in order to bundle ideas and feedback to be able to further develop and improve the concept behind the product...
I know a couple of things about tuning, as do so many others. I believe I will contribute my share to this community as well, where it could be helpful, but that'll be in while, because currently it's so busy with the launch...

I might consider a banner add on the forum. Let's see how things go.
Thanks for your quick reply! It was so fast that I almost missed it :)

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