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Default Re: Drum heads for hard rock?

You might want to try getting a few different batter heads and take turns trying them on a 12" tom or so. As for my two cents, I'm a sworn Aquarian user. Their semi-new Force 10 clear heads are the fullest, toughest rock-sounding heads I've ever heard. Also, the Triple Threat with it's design has similar properties and insane durability. Aquarian is also very well known for their Super Kick series. I will say, that although Aquarian has IMHO the best customer service, Evans has blessed us with one of their service reps who has been very helpful to members of the forum providing insight, updates, and service to all of us, and it really speaks well of them. If you see EvansSpecialist around, he's your man. But Aquarian is still better :).
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