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Default Re: My new CD is finally finished!!!

Originally Posted by hyruleherojoe View Post
Is the song Dr.Slump a reference to the manga "Dr. Slump"? By the creator of Dragon Ball?
Yes, it is! But it was written by Steve Khan, not us. Here's what he had to say about the title:
Though I've stated this before, one of the most difficult things after all the stages of composing an instrumental piece of music are completed is to give it a title. In the end, I think that it really is best to try to come up with a title that is not frivolous, silly, or stupid, because you have to live with that forever. Of course, a title can have humor to it. The title for this tune, "Dr. Slump," in 20/20 hindsight, does not fit the mood of this piece and I regret this title. I've always been a fan of graphic design and during the years between '77-'85 when I was able to visit Japan often, I began to collect these little comic books which were titled, "Dr. Slump." I believe at that time that it had also become a popular children's cartoon show on TV. Of course, not knowing the language I had no idea what these books were about and knew nothing of the characters. It just seemed so strange to me that any character's name could actually be 'slump' because of the negative associations we, as North Americans, have with this word. For me, I immediately think of a batter in baseball going into a hitting 'slump.' So, that's where the title came from.
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