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Default Re: Budget Electronic Drum Kit?

Thank you so much for your advice, DrumEatDrum and gradier. I was literally clueless, just looking at pictures of the kits and seeing which ones have most things to hit, so your help is much appreciated!

I can't quite afford the Roland TD-11K, so I've just ordered what I think is the next one down, TD-4KP (which gets bonus points for being able to pack it away easily so we can still use the room for guests!). If my husband likes it and actually uses it, we can then look at upgrading bits and pieces (thanks for the suggestion, I looked into that and looks like it'll be a good option) later on.

I have two last questions, if you don't mind. For an electronic drum kit, do you just use ordinary wooden drumsticks (we already have some of these), or are there different ones you should use? And also the kick pedal, I know this isn't included - if I just search for 'kick pedal' is anything that comes up going to be appropriate (of course I expect there will be a wide variety of qualities and prices), or do certain pedals only fit certain kits?

Thank you :)
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