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Ah well, your the first guys that I have heard don't like it, at gigs it's generally well received. It has a great sound in my opinion, and if sound is more important than aesthetics (which it should be really, I mean come on if looks are more important your using your kit appearance to compensate for ability, that's bad), then get a drumport.
Which couldn't be further from the truth. If I was relying on drum appearance I wouldn't of went with a plain white PDP X7 drum set, I would have went with a $5,000 one of a kind set from a well known company with an extremely exotic or flashy finish to re-learn or get back into drumming with. Also had I been more informed and knowledgeable about drumming a couple years ago I might of bought used, something like a 4 pc and of decent quality. I've learned it's not what you play on it's how you play it and what your creativity level is. Though because I wasn't aware of the many options, setups etc I tried to be as practical as possible and chose something that looked good to me, that had the best quality and that would be fun to jam on for some time to come. Considering I paid $699 for this X7 set new from Guitar Center, delivered from their warehouse I think I did quite well. Also are you not one to say that what your kit looks like helps to inspire you when you sit down to play? I know sound is a major factor but I am really hooked on the looks of drums and the incredible finishes these companies come up with and put on them.

I'm not sure how distinct, rare or praised of a sound comes from that drumport but honestly even if it did make my PDP bass drum sound like it was the king of all sets ever made I wouldn't put it on. I'm sure, especially if it was a prized piece in the studio for recording, that I wouldn't be smart not to have it but I honestly don't think it's the end all be all thing to have or use. TBH it may not even provide the type of sound I, the band if I was in one, or the tech would actually want to have.
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