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Default First electric kit for Uni practice

Hey, first post on here!

I've had the same crappy acoustic kit at home for about 10 yrs now, and am now at Uni. I'm planning on getting an electric kit to take to the flat with me, so I can continue to play when I'm over there.
I know next to nothing about electric kits, but have done a wee bit of research over the last few days.
Basically, my budget isn't huge (about 500) and am wondering whether it's worth considering anything other than a roland or yamaha? (been looking at the yamaha dtx 450k?) I've noticed Alesis are in my price range but am not sure if they're worth the money?
The kit would mainly be for practice and jamming with my flatmate (guitarist) so doesn't need to be super high performance.
Any help would be appreciated, cheers guys.

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