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Default My drumkits! Check them out.

Here are my two drums. I have changed around the cymbals since I bought more. I will try to get an up to date shot.

cymbals not shown:
Meinl Mb20 20 inch crash
Sabian AAX Xplosion 18 inch crash
Saluda Earthworks 17 inch
Saluda Earthworks 14 inch hi hats.
Saluda Decadence Swiss vented 19 inch crash

I no longer have the Sabian AAX 16 inch crash.

I just love staring at my kit. I love it. The amount of hours at work, saving every penny and buying everything myself with my own hard earned cash, spending days weeks and months looking for cheap deals. I have not spent 200 dollars on any one cymbals! Every cymbal was less than 200 and I bought some new some used. Thanks for the tip DrummerWorld! All this while being a broke college student. This is a never ending journey and I know I'm not alone thanks to you guys!
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