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Default Re: Drum heads for hard rock?

I just put Emperors over Evans General resonants and I couldn't be happier. No need for any moongel. The reso heads are tuned a little lower than the batters. You can get rid of most of those tones you don't like just by tuning them correctly. There's a sticky thread about tuning here on DW.

As far as that snare drum, I don't know. Each snare drum has a certain character to its composition. You need to find out what it is that you like about it and bring it out. Just start with an Ambassador over a general reso and go from there. The sound you are describing (not wanting extended ringing) can be achieved by tuning it low, medium tension on the snares and use a studio ring on the batter. See, I like that ringing so I tune my BOB (Pork Pie) nice and tight with the reso tighter than the batter, and the wires pretty tight too. That's because my band's sound has some reggae elements to it, so I needs those high tone rimshots here and there.

Great choice on cymbals too, btw. (no, I'm not biased)
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