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Default Re: Hard Rock and Metal Heads

I have a feeling that the sound you're looking for out of your toms will be found with Aquarian Performance 2 clear batter Tom heads. Very dampinged, very easy to tune. I would only recommend these for very hard Rock and/or metal. A lot of people would consider them to have too much of a dead thuddy sound, but in my mind, that's perfect for metal. If you wanted to go with something not quite as dead sounding, the Aquarian Super 2 clear batter heads with built in studio X-ring would be an ideal choice.

Also, thinner reso heads for the bottom of your toms will make the drums more punchy with less ringing and less resonance IMO.

If your local drum store doesn't carry these heads, you can always order them online( musiciansfriend, amazon, ebay, etc...).
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