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Default Re: Kickport VS Drumport

Hey TColumbia37, their are actually a LOT of differences between the kickport and drumport. The Drumport actually replaces the need for a resonant head (which saves you money). They fit the same way a resonant head goes on. Once it is tightened down it goes rigid so as to vibrate. The cone retracts about 8 inches inside the bass drum in the center. This means the point of impact of the bass drum pedal is accentuated causing a higher level of attack whilst maintaining the low end of the drum. This gives you a pre-eq'd sound, similar to the big band drum sound. Low end with a nice thump. You can have a tight head and felt beater for that vintage thump sound (without having to buy a resonant head and felts). Or you can have a near wrinkle head with patch and plastic beater and get that cd perfect metal click sound. It doesn't really make the drum louder, but disperses the sound better making it perfect for low volume situations. So it does all this for less than the price of a resonant head! How can you go wrong?! The kickport merely gives you a good aim for the microphone and slightly (no way near the level of the drumport) gives you some more low end. The effects of a kickport is really only heard on recordings and is quite minor, the drumports effects are immediate, and even more prominent on recordings.

Shipping outside the UK is no problem. If you are going to purchase one come to me first and I can get the info from Kirk for you.
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