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Default Re: Midi with octapad ?

Originally Posted by 412drummer View Post
Thank you! I am sure this will take a little while for me to figure out but that is what I was looking. And thanks for the tip at the end as well.
You're welcome!

The end tip was a discovery for me because as drummers, you're basically in one spot all night, so it's ok to have that module next to you to control. However, in my case, I'm playing a wearable percussion instrument, the Zendrum, and in the early days I was using a sound module (Roland R5) that only had 68 sounds! So I could have all 68 sounds used on the Zen and able to switch among set-ups made-up in the instrument, which is cool giving me the ability to roam around on stage. Now I have a Roland TD-10 with literally hundreds of sounds, now I can't venture too far away from it if I'm changing sounds alot. Bummer!
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