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Default Midi with octapad ?

First I want to start with saying I don't really understand this stuff which is why I am asking and I have searched a little before making this thread I just need a little help on the break down. What I want to do is is use my octapad to (trigger, probably not the right term?) sounds off a computer using midi. What I have been told is that there is a way I could use midi so that when I strike a pad on the octapad it would make the sound that it was linked to through midi. In short I want to be able to pull some sounds or clips off the internet etc.. that are not already on the octapad. I also have been told I could do this with a midi keyboard. If someone could explain to me how to link up midi through the octapad or a keyboard so when I strike the pad or key it makes the sound I want from the computer I would be really thankful.
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