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Default What to look for when buying used pedals...

Hey there DW new guy here. Looking at buying some used Mapex Falcon doubles from craigslist, the older version with changeable cams and strap/chain drives.

I personally don't like buying used gear because it's tough to know for sure what the items are treated like and how long they'll last. I have before and it's not too bad besides some rust and wear here and there. But I have only bought hardware and drums, not pedals.

If anybody has any experience or advice on what to look for, and some good testing ideas when buying used pedals please post. Especially for falcons!

I plan on bringing a drum key, big towel with my bass drum as well as my gibraltar practice kick pad along with my current pedal. To compare and test 'em out.

If there is another thread about this please let me know, and thanks in advance.

Anyways I hope this thread can be a reference for everyone in buying used pedals.

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