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Default Re: Look! A Drum Kit!

Originally Posted by Drumolator View Post
It looks way cool. I am four-piece kit drummer myself. peace and goodwill.
Yeah, playing a four-piece is so much fun. I hardly ever use the high tom anyways, lol.

Thanks for the comment! :D

Originally Posted by PDL View Post
It sounds good in the videos. I was impressed by the kick. The finish is quite cool, not something I'd choose but it looks nice.
It's definitely got a great sound to it. Perhaps it's the Alder that the shells are made out of. The kick probably has more "oomph" to it in the videos than it does in person, because I had to add low-end to the video, because the camera didn't capture the sound very well. As I mentioned in the thread with my videos though, I think that was because I used the auto gain setting instead of manually configuring the mic gain.

Thanks for the comment! :D
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