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Originally Posted by danielfallenhero View Post
This is probably a really obvious question, but are hi hats different from eachother, like, are'more expensive' ones better? if so, why? and what hi hat stands are reccomended?
The main options that start scaling up a hi-hat stand's price are the tension settings for the spring (more settings = more expensive), two-legged, or three-legged swivel-based (if yes, then more expensive), solid base or wire base (solid = more expensive) and tubing thickness (thicker = more expensive). Then, some of the top-shelf stands have special pulley systems or other contraptions that supposedly make them smoother and better-feeling.

The truth is that for about 85% of us a medium-weight hi-hat stand will do everything we ever want it to. I have used a PDP 802 hi-hat stand for the last eight years; prior to that I used a Yamaha HH740. Neither has ever given me the slightest problem, both have performed admirably through dozens and dozens of shows, and I would recommend either.
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