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Default Re: Where's the Beef? (Stick Weight)

Originally Posted by tommypenngotti View Post
Any reason stick companies don't include weight of stick in descriptions? Having a difficult time finding dense sticks other than the Japanese Oak Pro Marks. Thanks
Wood is a natural materiel and weights very from pair to pair.
Each stick model has an "ideal" weight. This is marked with a "0" at the factory.
they then have bins marked from -10 to +10. The sticks are electronically weighed and shot into the corresponding bin. Anything less than -10 is rejected as too light.

If you want to find dense sticks look at the lines of grain on the but-end. The fewer lines, the denser the wood, and thus the heavier the stick. Sticks with 1,2, or 3 lines of grain came from bins that were +5, +6, +7 and son on. If they have a lot of lines of grain, they came from -6, -7, -8....
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