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Default Re: Budget Electronic Drum Kit?

I agree. go with Roland or Yamaha. Bear in mind that e-kits do not usually come with drum throne or kick pedal, so those will be extra, unless you find a package/promotion. Not sure of the UK price at local stores, but the Roland TD-11ks is a nice solid kit. Here's a pretty good deal in the UK for a kit with throne, sticks, kick pedal, and headphones!:

Also, very important, the kit, being electric, will only sound as good as the headphones you are wearing. The ones in the package are not going to be that good, I assume. I would recommend Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones, for something good that won't break the bank. Got mine for $120 U.S. pricing even though I'm in Canada. The throne is not as critical or course. The kick drum pedal could be a factor to consider, but best to let your husband get the feel of e-drums from this or another kit, and then, if he's serious, he can upgrade based on his needs/preferences as he gets into it. Everything, including pads, is upgradeable; he can just keep the 'brain' (module) and switch pads over, even getting second-hand.
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