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Default Re: Electronic drum recommendations

I've owned an Alesis DM10 Studio for 2 years now and I love it. I upgraded all the heads to mesh with cones (something Roland has a patent on) for about $100 and it feels great and tracks great with Superior Drummer 2. The only downside is the hi-hat, but don't believe anyone that tells you a lower end Roland or Yamaha will be much better -- they all only have a few open and closed sounds built in. BUT if you're using this with a VST, you will be able to access all the open and closed states available within your software of choice, since all CC# messages are transmitted.

Heck, if you are going the VST way, get the rack hardware, cymbals and pads, then hook up to a Roland TMC-6 or an Alesis IO Dock and your computer. Be warned, not all hardware is compatible with each other.

I also updated my Alesis DM10 with their Bluejay Drums soundset. Wish they came out with more of these soundsets, was a real improvement over the stock sounds, albeit a little overpriced imo. Problem is they have a deal with Pearl for the e-Pro kits, which use the same module.

If you're going for top of the line though, choose Roland or 2Box.

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