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Default Look! A Drum Kit!

So, this is my kit. It's actually the first nice kit I've ever had, or played on!

Current Setup:

Old Setup:

Kit Specs:

- DDrum Reflex 5pc. Kit
- Meinl Classic Medium Soundwave 14" Hi-Hats
- Meinl Byzance Brilliant Medium 16" Crash
- Meinl Soundcaster Custom Medium 18" Crash
- Meinl Byzance Brilliant 16" China
- Meinl HCS 20" Ride
- DW 5000 Pedals
- Gibraltar Hi-Hat Stand
- PDP Snare Stand
- PDP Cymbal Stands
- Evans G2 Coated Batter Heads
- Evans G1 Clear Resonance Heads
- Evans EMAD 2 Bass Drum Batter Head
- Evans E-Rings
- Evans EQ Double Pedal Patch

So! Whatcha think?!

I love it! I run a 1 up / 1 down setup because I play mostly Hardcore and Metalcore, but you can see the in the last picture, I ran 2 up / 1 down, with the 2 rack toms to the left of the bass drum. I know they're meant to be mounted on the cymbal stands, but I couldn't get them set how I wanted, and it also made cymbal positioning a challenge too. I've also got my bass drum angled to the right a little ways so that my pedal attaches at an angle too, so when I sit on my throne, the placement of my feet on the pedals forms the perfect V shape, with the snare nestled nicely in the middle. I find it works better for me than having the bass drum facing straight.

Anyways. Tell me what you think of it! It sounds great, especially those expensive Meinl cymbals! :D
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