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Default Hey, Everybody!

What's up?!

My name's Patrick, and obviously, I'm new to this forum.

About me? Right.

So, I've been playing drums since I was a young boy. I came home from school and my Mom surprised me with an appointment for drum lessons later that day. I had a blast, and we came home with my first drum kit the same evening. For a couple of months I took lessons once a week, but my teacher eventually moved further away than my Mom was willing to drive, so I practiced what I already knew, and started playing songs by ear.

About 6 years ago we moved to where we live now; an apartment where the landlord wouldn't allow my drum kit. He wouldn't even allow it on the property, but we had to move, and this was the only place suitable, so the drum kit was sold. Fast forward to now, where a few months ago I convinced him to let me have one here, and proceeded to splurge and buy myself a nice setup.

Drumming is more than a hobby for me; it's a passion. A lifestyle. When I listen to music, I hear the drum track more than anything else. It's as if there's volume controls built into my head that can turn the drums up, and everything else down. My hands and feet instinctively tap along, and the rhythm flows through my entire body. It's what I love. I'm not so sure my neighbors feel the same way! :P Although, I get a lot of compliments around the neighborhood from people who've heard me play, which is always nice. :D

Aside from that, I'm just a normal guy. I play a lot of video games, am heavily involved in graphic design, and like to get outside to go hiking, freerun, etc. Cracking jokes, making people laugh, and being a good listener are strengths of mine as well.

But. I think that's enough about me for now!

See ya 'round the forum!
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