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Default Re: Electronic drum recommendations

I have somewhat limited experience, but it might help. The Alesis DM8 USB that I bought for $500 had some great sounds (100 kits!), but the trouble was the pads. On two of them, the rubber separated right off, and the kick pad just quit on me. I glued the pads back on more than once. Fortunately, I was able to return the whole kit at no cost. Next, I called a different store just for some advice. the sales guy said, "I have only one piece of advice--don't buy Alesis. If you do, it will be back here in the store with a warranty claim, and Alesis will be uncooperative, and I will have a headache!" So, I bought the Roland 11ks. I prefer the rubber pads myself, and $900 was not so bad. Bear in mind that for an extra $500-$600 the 11k will come with mesh heads, but they are small with annoying plastic edges. Didn't seem worth it. The 11ks is not my dream kit but it's a great, tough, beat-it-all-you-want kit (expanded to fourth tom, which can be split to tom/cymbal since it is dual trigger).
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