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Originally Posted by 2bsticks View Post
Stich, you have to admit there is nothing like a Bruins vs. Caniadiens series. Great rivalry.
+1 great rivalry for sure. When the Bruins are in town it's always a happening here!!! We love to hate the Bruins ;). Can't miss a game against the Bruins.

The kit in the picture is not mine, but i would love to have a kit with the Habs colors. You know, just for fun in the basement. Maybe i'm gonna buy an old/cheap kit and i'll have it paint!

Good luck for the rest of the playoffs. Rask is on fire, Bergeron is playing is best hockey, Brad Marchand (god i hate him!!) is playing very well, same thing for Krecji and Horton. I never really liked Horton when he was in Florida, he was often on the injury list, but i have to admit that he is doing the job!! Unfortunately i think you have a really big chance for the cup. :)
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