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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Whats up fellow drummers!...

Just received my add-on tom for my DW Satin Oil Cherry set.. and am "maybe" over tripping about the colour not being perfectly matched.. hmm.. the thing is I live in Aruba and its not that easy to have a sample drum sent to DW for them to match it.. so I took high resolution pictures and sent them to my dealer to have them send to DW.. the add-on is lighter in colour and not as glossy (if Im using the right word for it).. please tell me if I'm overreacting or not.. and if I can apply something to the add-on to darken it a bit more to match the rest of the set.. my dealer told me I can apply a layer of tung oil to the add-on..

first pic: left drum is the add-on drum
second pic: add-on drum
third pic: original

please let me know what you think!..

Oh.. and btw.. I hope this is the right thread to post in.. if not.. please advise where to post ?

Thanks again!..
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