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Default Unported kick/mic help. What I'm doing isn't working

So I finished building my 20x14 virgin kick, and its badass. The tone is so rich and full compared to my last kick. I love it.

I'm currently outfitting it with Coated PS3 on batter, smooth white PS3 on reso unported, nothing inside, and I love the feel and the tone from behind the kit. However, I play in a pop country conver band, and I'm trying to get an appropriate sound and its not working.

First, I miced up the reso with my Beta52a. It was way too mushy,
Next, I picked up a Audix D6. The EQ and presence is a major improvement, but it picks up a bunch of sustain from my reso.

I'm trying to figure out where to go from here, and I'm really trying not to port my reso or put anything inside if at all possible, otherwise I would have done it by now. I know there are a lot of threads on this, but most of them say to PS3 over PS3 is fine, but I'm not getting it.

Should put an ambassador and felt strip on my reso?
Should I felt strip the PS3?
I've thought about micing the batter head too, but I don't have the gear for that (I can't postion a mic stand that isn't in the way)...

Do you guys know of anything that works best for this?
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