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Default Re: Fiberglass drumsticks

I must warn!

I had a few pairs of Carbosticks, I used them for practicing because of the weight and durability (obviously) BUT! After about 9 months I had broken 4 cymbals that I had had for over 10 years and had no existing cracks etc... I am a fairly heavy hitter but I'd never broken anything except a thin K china (and I was playing in a metal band, heavy gigging, at the time) before I used these.

Originally Posted by paistepower92 View Post
I once had a pair of Carbon Fiber drumstick by the name of Carbosticks (I think now they're called Blackwood sticks) they were really good, I thought. I gave them to a buddy of mine, who was just starting on the drums and it took him over a year to break the one pair. I might pick up a pair eventually.
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