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Default Re: Snare Kick Riser Stand

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
You can't do rim shots with a bass drum beater, nor could you do one easily with a foot pedal item. Playing with pedals imposes some limitations.
Possibly if you modified an LP Jingle Kick you could get a rim shot, or created something similar but more stick-like.

For what it's worth I play lots of double bass, but by no means ignore my hi-hats. That's why I use a drop clutch. Personally I feel that the idea of double pedalers only playing double bass is because of 2 specific reasons:
1) The left foot is pretty much the odd man out as far as how much use it gets. The double pedal or bass setup alleviates this.
2) The majority of double bass players that run their feet all day play metal. Metal has become a musical competition of extremes, for drummers that means longer and faster. There simply isn't really room or even a need for most metal drummers to do anything but run their feet. Now take those same drummers and put them on a single kick set up and prepare to be amazed at what they can do with a hi hat.
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