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Default Re: Snare Kick Riser Stand

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
I'm sure anybody seriously into double pedal is also interested to apply this approach to _anything_ foot related. That can be various stuff - as mentioned - including experimental sounds or latin percussion. It's up to the player to use it for whatever interests him/her, no need to condemn the tools per se (Deathmetalconga has a strong tendency to do so but it was even more intense in the past ;-).

Strictly speaking, every drummer is playing a double pedal. The left pedal can be a hihat or another bass drum pedal but hihat & bass drum - isn't this 2 pedals in total?

Actually it's cool to see some new innovative drum products. There's so much already that just gets copied a million times, always great to have something fresh.
I don't often see double pedalers with foot percussion; many, I've noticed, have pretty much given up the hihat. Our friend Chunky here is an obvious exception.
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