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Default Budget Electronic Drum Kit?


I'm considering purchasing an electronic drum kit for my husband for his birthday. He's a former drummer, but hasn't played for about 10 years. There's such a huge price range for electronic drum kits and I know absolutely nothing about drums, so some advice would be much appreciated.

If I were to be buying him a kit, I wouldn't really be able to pay much more than 600 (around 800 absolute max, but closer to the 400-600 mark if possible) - for someone who's not a beginner, are kits at this value ok, or is it really not worth getting one unless I can get something more expensive? I know he'll want something that will really feel just like he's playing an acoustic kit, but it will be just for fun - not for professional/recording purposes.

Being so clueless about drums myself, I'd be after something that I can purchase easily as a full set without having to worry about additional items. We already have an amp and a drum stool, but nothing else that could be of any use.

Can anyone point me towards any good kits that fit my budget, and have all the parts a full acoustic set up would have?

Thanks in advance :)
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