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Default New Gigging Set

I picked up my gigging set today. I've mostly just played at home and I just wasn't comfortable bringing my Yamama BCA's out of the house. I decided to go boring, practical, and cheap and go with Stage Customs. It's 10,12,14 (all mounted), 22, and a stock 14" snare. Based on the lugs and mounts, they look to be from the late 90's or so. They need heads and a thorough cleaning, but they should be perfect for the job. Heck, out of the box, the floor tom sounded downright useable. I've mostly alternated between cheap school/church drum sets and my BCA's at home. So, I'm excited to have drums that are nice enough- but not too nice- to gig with.

I'll try to get some pictures as I get them cleaned and set up.
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