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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
I agree - very nice finish, Smatch!
Thanks Arky and Mathias. Your SQ2 is awesome Mathias. Is that an 18?

I got into SONOR about 2 yrs ago and in that time have owned a maple light designer, S classix, Safari and now the heavy beech q2. I've owned every high end ply kit out there and the German SONOR stuff is definitely my favorite. It's hard to consider other companies once you get to drive a German SONOR for awhile. When I ordered this kit it was a toss up between Scandi and American walnut. Obviously American walnut won out. I like Scandi so much however, that I sold my 7pc S Classix kit and ordered a 4pc vintage beech q2 in Scandi. This new kit should be here by the end of June and I will surely share some pics when they arrive. The sizes will be 10x8 12x8 14x14 and 20x14. Needlless to say I am very stoked.
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