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Default Re: Yamaha FP pedal users... advice please?


Pedal came today to work and I got home a little over an hour ago and went straight into the garage to test it out.

Man, this thing is smooth!. What a lovely thing to have under your foot. Took me a while to get the tension and angle to a comfortable place but once I did it felt very natural, very quickly. The long footboard is nice coming from the speedking (I always had it in single footboard mode) and the whole thing is quiet as a mouse.

As for my efforts at learning slide technique, this will definitely help. Smooth footboard means its quite effortless to slide up for the 2nd hit. Still a while off from nailing it but it should come quickly with this pedal.

So, so far so good. I'll keep practicing with it over the week and then give it a proper seeing to at band rehearsal on Friday night - but for now, I'm very happy :)
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